Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


Another way to discriminate with these passport issues. but remember she’s gotta a ticket to ride. The group was good back than but it was a shame about John Lennon. Anyway I liked that dude’s comment about they didn’t want any sex offenders in our country. Our country. Maestro please don’t let me start thinking….
All this passport thing is a scarlet mark against just the sex offender. Any other drug dealer or thief has the right to go into another country. See the United States wants to be top dog but media doesn’t really know some of the whole truth as this Halloween thing, and know your rights and you have the right to let the common people all over know how sex offenders are set-up in a lot of these ordeals. And we all also have our right to band together to stop a lot of as if not for us for the future of others that may get wrapped up in all this.. What’s next everybody sign up for the mark of the beast?