Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


sorry too inform you but you are a bit incorrect on your are at risk overseas of more then just dirty looks. I am currently over seas and my family is at risk every day right now of not only extortion but loosing our lives because of the American government behavior. we came into the country perfectly legally and identified ourselves and received a document of travel from the commissioner of immigration himself who laughed at the charge at the time and said a 20 year old crime that wasn’t even a crime in his country would not cause any problems.. BUT after the US governments consistent barrage of spam mail on a regular basis telling them (we are not supposed to know they do this but the commissioner shown me the evidence) that i was a threat to the national security because i was on the registry in the united states then i was picked up all my identification was taken, house was looted and was only turned loose after my wife raised a big enough fit (because it was public) and now we are in hiding trying to stay alive with no way to leave and no way to stay with a minor child that i cant even get his paperwork to get him to safety and a wife who had her legal paperwork destroyed by the USICS criminals because i was on the registry….think about may not even be safe for me leaving this note now ..The US government has deliberately made international targets of its own citizens…