Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame

Tim L

Project Angel Watch project will be housed in the Dept of Homeland security!

I Still think there was a reason why the FIRST NSA database was built in UTAH? Damn right! It is not coincidence. The Dems and the rainbow collation are about now wondering what the hell happened? We got President Obama elected, but now we are losing elections left and right. Well those dumbasses are figuring out they have completely sold out to BIG DATA!
The average Joe recognizes this fact. Who really benefitted from NAFTA? Surely not the averages Joe, nope big business benefitted and continues to benefit via profit.


The truth is social media frightens the hell out of “THE ESTABLISHMENT!”
WHY? It is a direct threat to their financial security as well as their power in important places, namely congress who are responsible for allocating funds.
For the fist time in history ” the people” could actually be represented, which does not happen today. Social media could be used to squash the biggest of companies via boycott, that is if the people decided to do so as a group. Facebook and Goldman Sax would be in the crapper if the people actually congealed.

The people have not yet chosen to do so, the same way registrants haven’t amassed in protest of these obviously unconstitutional laws.

I have finished reading the IML link provided by NARSOL. NJ REP Chris Smith
Sponsored the bill riding the coattails of Megan Lanka’s parents, who obviously still feel the pain from their daughters death. I ask you this- how many have died via the gun in a bad guys hands? Certainly more than murdered by deviants. Yet not much moves on that score. Why? Marketing! Guns are big business and we sell lots to foreign nations. We also tend to impose our distorted American values and customs upon the countries where we do business, and they resent it.