Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


They (the government) keeps moving the “finish line” and I am sick of it. I follow their rules, I stay where I am supposed to stay, I stay away from where they want me to not be, I don’t hand out candy on Halloween, I tell them when I am leaving the state for over 7 days, I go to their office within 3 days of whenever I get a new car…. I do each and every single thing they have asked of me for years and they keep on piling it on me. When something keeps getting bent it will eventually snap.
Regarding the passports… I have never had one and really do not see any reason to get one. That being said, in my state (Louisiana) my driver’s license and state-issued ID both have “SEX OFFENDER” written in big red letters across my photo. I am required to have both of these IDs with me at all times. Failure to have just one of them on me could result in me being arrested for the well-known “failure to register” charge that we see so many SOs getting. Each of these ID cards expires after one year. So, in addition to my having to do my SO registration annually at my local sheriff office & city police department, I also must renew these to IDs… and all four dates fall on the same date. Quite a fun-filled day dealing with those government agencies on the exact same day each year. But let me tell you something about that particular day… that is the ONLY day each year that anyone ever sees my drivers license and/or state ID. I never write a check in person at a store, I never use a credit/debit card when I might be asked for an ID. If I am somewhere (store, bar, restaurant, etc) and I am asked for ID, I just walk out. I only pay for things with cash.
Basically, I leave no trace, trail, or foot print of where I have been. Yes, it sucks sometimes, but I get around it.
Oh, I also have flown several times over the years and there are many forms of ID that the TSA will accept other driver’s license and/or passport for domestic flights.
All this to say that I hate this new law, and while it won’t affect me directly and immediately, I do realize that it is another layer that we all must fight before it is too late. Thank you NARSOL for leading this fight and I hope all of us that are able will financially support NARSOL.