Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame

Tod Siegel

After I have read this (several times), and got up off the floor, I realize that this brings up a lot more questions that the panic it has created, taking emotion out, and using facts;

It does not mention that passports are going to be REVOKED – nor how they will take them from us, renewals will most likely have it on there, but maybe not yet, so get yours in NOW
This is also part of it, so it is UNCLEAR what ‘convictions’ (again, looks like conviction, not registry) will be listed Only the DHS/ICE Angel Watch Center (AWC) can certify an individual as a “covered sex offender.” Therefore, any questions by the applicant about such status must be directed to and resolved by AWC
It does not mention that there are attorneys already working on it, now that this horrific thing has been added to an already terrible law, maybe there is more ground for our great attorneys to stand on
It does not mention or clarify if it bases only on a ‘conviction’ or if you are on the registry, and once OFF the registry, does your name fall off?
It does mention where this ‘information’ will be listed – on the second to last page of the passport – which if it has to be on there, that is the ‘best’ place it could be. No one ever opens and looks at that page, unless you are out of other pages for them to stamp, and in case it gets a little sticky, they would probably never see it.
By SORNA and AWA, RSOs already have to register and notify when going to another country, this does not change that, which is why people are denied entry as it is, will this make it worse, possibly, but it is already sent thru Interpol, and they know when you are coming electronically, doesn’t matter if there is something on the back page. When you are on a train in EU, they just look at the first page and don’t even stamp it, Schengen countries, once you are in one, you don’t even have to show your PP coming into another country.
Hotels internationally also use it as ID, again, they only look at the first page, so unless they put something on the main information page, this should not make a difference, especially if some of the pages get a little sticky. If you already have a passport card – which can only be used to get into Canada and Mexico, which RSO’s can’t get into anyways, still can be used as ID in some other countries, that will not have this info on it.

I see things like – there are 800000 of us, lets rally together – wow, that sounds great, but we had a hard enough time getting 15 people to help with our case in CO, very few SO’s are willing to stand up, take the time, and sacrifice the money (that many don’t already have) to fight these things. Judges are listening, attorneys are fighting, but in the end, if people sit back and hope for change and let ‘someone else’ do the fighting, we will never succeed. We NEED to find and support RSOL, and all the attorneys around the country, contact them, help them. Sitting back and whining about it will not change a damn thing. That being said, RSOL and people who write these things can help us help them by giving more clarity and the names and resources to contact to stand up for this fight. The ACLU was significant in the 6th Circuit case, where are they on this? It is hard to fight something if you don’t know how or who to find that can help. In every way possible, this sucks, (would like to using stronger words here), I HATE it, but if we do nothing, keep voting in politicians, especially conservative republicans, not supporting RSOL and our attorneys, it will continue to get worse.