Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame



I do not agreed that a course of inaction, regarding such a draconian measure, is the right path to pursue. It has always been my observation that left alone nothing will change. Actually this remind me of law of physics: ” a body at rest will remain at rest , unless acted upon by an outside force.” What usually happen is a few, including myself, will work to change hearts and minds of the people who will then will elect officials or reach out to officials who share their then truth.
What we have to be is a force for change. We, RSO, are not asking for special privileges. We are seeking to be treated as an American citizen. Most of our offenses are within the boarders of United States of America, thus it is our National or State business. It is not the duty of our government to share information about it citizens personal struggles or bad choices. If we are now putting “America first.” I assume that means looking out for the best interest of its citizens.
Is it in the best interest of America to show to the world its disregard for any of its citizenry?
We , RSO , must muster all of our strength(Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) to fight against injustice. As Americans it is our duty. This is our nation as well as any one else’s who call themselves Americans. I refuse to be a citizens who will not seek to have afforded every right that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights affords.
We are in a struggle for the soul of America! We can win, We shall overcome!
Lets be persistent! Persistence is the attitude that will bring about the correcting of the course of OUR great nation!!