Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


They make you a subhuman citizen then they make so you cant even leave and go to a country that will not treat you this way. I know one thing that eventually this will cost this country a very high price. Maybe RSO should all stop working, stop paying taxes, and claim disability because they are disabling us to function in this ridiculous sexual hysteria society. How can I go to work knowing that my past is always on display by a government internet bully who is not subject to their own bulling laws. Why would I care about mowing my lawn when the best I can hope for is someone walking by and saying wow that sex offender has a nice lawn. Not everyone on the registry is even guilty of a crime. You do not want to know the thoughts that go through this persons mind on a daily basis. I will not stop until the unconstitutional sex offender program is a smoldering cinder. DO YOU HEAR ME YET!