Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


I’m really sorry for your son but your comment is the prime perfect example of being totally brainwashed to this Registry which has never worked. The label is a joke.. it has no value good or bad in a true democracy. Most such as yourself give up. My son will be called a Monster forever. That is how we all are thinking. But we all need to consider this; a totally corrupt system put these crazy Federal Laws into place. So at your State and Federal level, fight against this undone punishment. Of course, if you did the crime.. you need to do the time. So your son can sit in Prison and whine about it all or learn how to change the rotten political to the core system we live in. Violent crimes against children should demand life sentences but possession of materials via Police driven Computer stings should demand only probation if that. A Sex Offender that never abused a child is not a Sex Offender. JEV