Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


I think you are right on.. if MEGANS LAW continues to go the way it going.. undisputed new Legistlative actions, new Bills Congressional Votes for any crazy thing you can think of, then we are maybe headed to deportation or hearded all together to a Island without USA status. Such as Devils Island. I see it 2 ways, sit around and cry about it or stand up and fight. File for Clemency in your State. If you feel injustice within your case, have it re-tried. Your comments are disturbing enough for myself not to offer help. I have been on the Register since 1997 and my case is 25 years old. Join FAC in Florida. If you ever feel your life in danger, call the cops. Every City has decent Counciling Centers that are free. If you feel Suicidal, call for help today. This Registry is a big myth setup by media exploitation king John Walsh whom calls us all scumbags. Its nothing.. a Government plot to protect its citizens from nothing. The Registry simply does not work. So staying compliant, I just go on with my life. They can’t take away our Dignity. JEV