Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


A Holiday in Hell
I asked Italian Policia if they had any problem with me traveling to my native Napoli and Bari after I called first and explained my crime. They laughed.. yes, laughed. They are worried about acute Middle Eastern Immigration and the possibility of a massive Earthquake more. They said this is a American problem.. they are hurting their own citizens and accusing them of false claims I overheard. I also traveled freely last year to Germany without incident. The Countries that will be a problem are the Asian Countries that have high levels of Human Trafficing. That is the reason for the Information within the Passport in the first place. I don’t think ever a compliant RSO is headed overseas to attempt to molest a child. The only thing you may encounter is a dirty look and extra going through your luggage by USA based Immigration Officials and Homeland Security. If you do use your passport for your main Identification you could have a problem with the local nervous cops. This cannot keep a Registered Citizen from traveling unless you are forbidden by the courts to do so. Follow your Travel guidelines and stay Compliant! MEGAN’s Law continues to cause Vigiliante Action, Murder and Suicide as well as it contributes to harsh punishments long after our Sentences have been completed. If the NARSOL data is correct, the entire Sex Offender National Registry needs to be revised to a tiered System seperating Violent Crimes from the rest. If the public information you see about your crime is not exactly accurate, them you need to have that information corrected. And that goes on the Federal level as well. JEV / FAC