Reply To: Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement


Listening to some of these new cast video’s about Halloween the public seems more frighten of us than cars. One lady says, I have an app. to find out were sex offenders are and I think its good for public safety. Another lady says I think we have a right to know where a sex offender is, and on and one. I think, I think, I think. Just like pro’s and con’s
Sounds like a bunch of self-righteous people. Protecting and serving are good but actually no one knows what any person can do at any one time. If that was the case they would of predicted the World Trade attack. All people do is think and don’t reason anything out. Now Sandy and the crew strive to back things up with data and recidivism and things but all answers to this sex offender thing are in the bible.
Sure we can all use data since man is skeptical anyway and so are human’s.. I guess if Eve wasn’t skeptical she wouldn’t eaten the fruit and than Adam also partook. Wow and they were naked.
I commend Brenda, Sandy, Robin, and all the other crew for getting this review out to the public but I’m sure courts will find other things to rebuttal about in this sex offender plight, but the truth will come out soon. Hey I’m a sinner how about you all. Respect goes a long ways.