Reply To: Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement


Rod Rice

I took a plea deal 10 years ago entering the “Allford” plea and never admitted doing what I was accused of. I was convicted of a misdemeanor and locked up for ninety days. The final charge and conviction was “kissing a minor with tongue penetration”. The alleged victim was my 16 year old step daughter who had told her counselor she has kissed me once. This was in Virginia. I now live in Florida where I am a life time registrant. I am on the most ridiculous end of the registry possible. I am extremely angered and oppressed at what has happened to me. The organization Narsol is blatantly missing the target. If you want to stop the public registry, get out on the front lines and out of the shadows. Launch a massive public education theme to once and for all educate and inform the public about what you are all about. Let the public stop the registry by showing them how draconian, redundant and useless the entire matter is. Even law enforcement will support you. Or dont you understand that or how simple it would be to achieve. Is your motive to really stop the registry or start up another organization to capitalize on the misfortunes of others to make money and make idle noise. Dont ignore this. Thank you. Rod Rice 757 604 9678