Reply To: Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement

John C.

I planned to participate in the call but a few days before Halloween I was informed by my probation officer that I was required to attend a mandatory session to “minimize [my] contact with minors.” This was previously required only of those in the “treatment” phase of supervised release, which I completed 18 months ago. And last year I was not required to attend. This year, someone high up in the chain of command,decided to once again change the rules and require everyone on supervised release, no matter how long ago they completed treatment, to attend. A number of us complained to the PO, but of course he said he had no control over it. Ironically, we noted that that the only consequence of the mandatory session was to jeopardize child safety by forcing so many additional cars on the roads. It’s so frustrating that policy continues to be made in complete ignorance of the facts.