Reply To: NARSOL ED makes strong case in difficult interview

Tim L

You and NARSOL did wonders with this press. You got peoples attention! That (attention gathering) is the BIGGEST part of communication strategy in persuasive public speaking.

You did a good job establishing your and the groups credibility. NARSOL’s goal is rational laws that ACTUALLY protects our kids. Clearly the interviewer , radio host had her own agenda and she passively expressed her doubts about the groups goal to point out the threat posed by automobiles. Clearly the interviewer believed your real goal was to persuade Americans to cut registrants some slack. This is why the conversation devolved into an efficacy issue. On the next opportunity make it a point to force the interviewer to acknowledge verbally NARSOL’s goal of rational laws and measures. What I am saying is demand the interviewer acknowledge NARSOL’S credibility. Be firm and focused on kids needs as opposed to the advocacy of SOs.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge you for having BALLS! Our nation would do well to develop more women like you and others in this cause.

Tim L.