Reply To: Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement

Tim L

Congrats NARSOL! on making a real difference in the lives of registrants and American children. Good to hear Texas showed out.

Prayers and fellowship out to Fran & Dan Keller who spent two DECADES locked up for crimes they were innocent of. Shame squared upon our dishonest press who fed like vampires on the satanic story. It was 1992 the same year I was ran up on BS. Luckily it only cost me three looong years. Those years for me were a wakeup call to notice the incredible level of corruption within our criminal justice system and prison industrial complex.

Most importantly SHAME cubed upon those politicians who capitalize upon sex scandal to advance the personal political careers. In the last two Wisconsin Supreme Court Judicial elections the winner ran ads touting the the threat sex offenders and the judge’s action via rulings against the defendant. One add in particular claiming to ” have closed a loophole in the law.” Of course the loophole was constitutional protections like due process and the right to council for sex offenders.

The moral of the story… When politicians and judges tell you they must ignore the constitution for the compelling interest of public safety and to assist law enforcement, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.