Reply To: Stories About Humans Needed Now!

Cocoa Bliss

So this boy Anthony gave his father to the United States . His father was never home, he was in charge of a carrier, militar. His father was a good man madly in love with his mother but both alcoholic, so alcoholic that destroy his childhood. The father had rehabilitation but the mother as expulses together with Anthony from the militar base to live in a trailer park. So life with an absent father always in war and an alcoholic mother and abusive didn’t get any better forcing Anthony be always in the streets, raise by streets. Street and a boy always bring problems and so it did. An aunt of New York who couldn’t have children felt sad for her nephew, and took him in at the age of 17, but it wasn’t easy for Anthony nor for the poor Aunt. He stole from the aunt some checks. The aunt could forgive but not the uncle. Old now Anthony at his 20s hiding with a church priest and his family. Police found him, in months later in jail out of the blue the daughter of the priest scandalize the family by saying that it was the boy who went to jail. So Anthony now in prison for checks get charges. Public attorney, no money, no support, no father, no matter was advice to plea guilty for Endangerment Welfare of a child in order to do not go to trial. So Anthony is 9 months accepting charges of a daughter of a priest. Was she pregnant so she had to blame someone? What better than blame the boy that was arrested in her house. He never found out… they were not even friends, just met and chat a while.
So Anthony make sure to be a good guy and with effort find the right road of work and keep him
Away from the streets and to stop blaming his mother, the country , the militars and his aunt who did press charges and wanted to teach him a lesson. Now, with no one make his own life. Suddenly st home in 1999 police approach his house with his family and he had to start registering in the local olive for 10 years, then after years moving to PA he had to register 15 years, so again he did, now he moved to LA he had to register for 25 years.. ohh and now he is Tier 2 Dangerous child predator all over the internet, then fed up and divorced searching for a new life he left the country, visa expired, he has a warrant for not registering for 30 years. Now undocumented overseas. Stateless and without identification looking for assylum with his family to protect his life and future. He is being request to be deported by the US embassy and he is scare and so am I -his wife.