Reply To: NARSOL ED makes strong case in difficult interview


Ah who chopped down the cherry tree? For your information George Washington chopped down the cherry tree to make his wooden teeth…. lol. Actually if you use common reasoning about a lot of this sex stings and other ordeals. Those in authority are doing a number on all that are carnal by nature. Now you all talk about a leaper changing his spots but can’t can’t do anything.
Case in point. Most of these sex operations are a conspiracy to fraud. Do you think a True Minister of God would give you an opportunity to fall? And yes these operations are Money based and are greedy at best. I don’t care if your a chief sinner like Paul in the bible its still a conspiracy and giving one the opportunity is very out of character. So we can all say conspiracy fraud can’t we. Now when two laws collide that’s no good than they become out of balance such as the justice system. One you have the law of Man and on the other the Law of God.
Now one can take that for what it is or change the way things work. Are we now all working together in this type of situation. Take an example from the Vietnam war when guy’s were conscience objectors. One had no choice to either go to jail or go to war and kill people. They didn’t want us over their anyway or did they?
I’m sure all this undercover sex scheme’s were planned or pre planned.