Reply To: This Is Life With Lisa Ling–Age Of Consent


So if Zach had willingly engaged in an unforced relationship with his teacher or club soccer coach, he again would be a ‘child’.
“…may not have sexual contact or sexual intercourse with a child who has attained the age of 16 years, who is not the person’s spouse, and with whom the person works or interacts through that occupation or volunteer position.” 948.095(3)(a).

Very happy for Zach, but wondering why he does not have to register? 948.02(2) – “Second-Degree Sexual Assault of a Child” appears to be an offense requiring registration.

Re. “Blake” – I simply have no words, other than to say I praise the Lord every day my kids grew up in a time before this insanity.

Lastly – trying to figure out our government’s motivation to ruin as many lives as possible – for life. And how those prosecutors sleep at night…