Reply To: NARSOL ED makes strong case in difficult interview


Thanks much to those of you with constructive criticism to share. A couple of things to understand, please:
First, we are all volunteers in this organization including me. In fact I have a day job and spend nearly all non-work and even a little stolen work minutes trying to keep the organization running.
Second, I am not even my own first choice of public speaker. I do the best I can which often is none too good. People have volunteered to train me, and like many who volunteer, they disappear when I try to actually schedule a time.
Since we have no paid staff, hiring someone to be a public speaker is still a ways in the future. If a gifted volunteer should come along who can speak clearly on all NARSOL’s talking points at the drop of a hat, I will gladly welcome him or her.
Oh… and sorry I didn’t mention the traffic statistic. Could have sworn I did.