Reply To: NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween


Well my PO stopped by about 7PM, told me to be at the house at five. He’s always playing tricks like that. At first I thought it was uncle fester coming I. I even mentioned that to him, but he didn’t have his light bulb glowing, just his bald head. I told him he was late and I should tell the DA about that.
They really just want to check that’s all. Their is a time and a place for arguing and a time to be still. Now I know some of you all are upset about this but a new wave is coming and yes you have the right to remain silent and to self govern yourself. So if your going to be monitored be monitored by someone that doesn’t pull the wool over your eyes like they do in these internet sex sting operations. and since my PO had a partner with him I told his partner to make sure he stays out of trouble on this scary night.