Reply To: NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween



Don’t mean to keep bothering you but how am I contradicting my self? I just said they are not in enforcing the restrictions and basically never have enforced them.

What do you mean by “but now that Michigan is NO LONGER allowed to enforce any registry restrictions , I wouldn’t follow any now anyway .” is that directed towards me or is that what your going to do, because I am still going to check in come December, unless I get a letter, but I am not going to volunteer any of the other so called restrictions such identifiers and vehicle info, and so forth.

They never ask anyway, so why would I volunteer the information they just as is everything correct on the form, I say yes, and I sign it and then the clerk/sectary signs it. I am in and out with in 5 to 10 minutes tops.

That is why I love living in a small town, and I have been here my entire 48 years, I don’t get hasseled about the registry the police or my neighbors, everyone pretty much knows everyone in this town