Reply To: NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween




I don’t think you understand what I am saying, I Know the State Police handle the registry, I just saying our local police department, said they were not going to enforce anything, and in fact, I don’t think they ever have enforced anything, because I have been out like I said for about 21 years now, and on the registry since 1995, and the only time I was ever contacted by our local police is when I first got out, I have not had contact with them since, except when I go in to register, they ask how I am doing and if I need anything, other then that I have no contact with them.

My town only has a hand full of cops, we have 3 cars on with one person per car, per 12 hour shift, and of course the chief and the sergeant. who only go out when necessary. it’s pretty boring around here no drama.