Reply To: NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween



What I mean is yes we still have to follow the so called rules, and check in when we are suppose to, but according to the clerk at my local police station they (S.L.P.D.) My home town. She said even though we still have to follow the rules right now, until they revise the registry, THEY are NOT ALLOWED to actually enforce any of the registry except checking in her words NOT mine. She said They CAN’T ask about your car or ANY e-mail identifiers or anything else like they use to, and when I was in ,in Sept she just asked me if all the info was correct, I said sure, if it’s NOT it’s the States problem NOT mine, and she agreed with me.

I don’t have any problems or get harassed in my town by anyone, unlike some other Michigan registrants and that in my opinion is WRONG!!!!.