Reply To: NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween


Well, as most of you know I am from Michigan, and I feel bad for all of you that have had so much trouble on Halloween. I live in Oakland County, in a small town, there is about 22 on my town’s registry.

My conviction was 6-19-92, and I was out on 12-15-94 and got off parole on 12-15-96 ,and even on parole I never had any issues with being checked on, I would even go out with my sister on Halloween, to take my Nephew and Niece trick or treating when they were little, no problems, hell when I would see my parole officer every month he was never ever there I always seen some other P.O., made no sense to me.

I have been off parole for 21 years now, and I have NEVER had anyone tell me I have to stay in my house, and turn off the lights, or put a sign out side my door, so I feel for all of you that have to do this, but now that Michigan is NO LONGER allowed to enforce any registry restrictions , I wouldn’t follow any now anyway .