Reply To: NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween

George Simmonds

I live in NYS and am a level 2 SO and I was confronted by one of my housemates, was told that a US Marshall stopped my and gave them a copy of my federal charge and said that they could not have the lights on for Holloween nor could they have trick or treaters over. I think that they overstepped their bounds because for one I am not on any form of supervision nor am I living on federal land, I live in Syracuse. Someone said that sometimes the state uses Marshalls to ensure verification, compliance, etc., but do not think that this is the case here, I say this because when they gave my housemates a list of my charges it just contained my federal charge (I was charged with one federal and 2 state charges arising out of the same incident), if they were acting on behalf of the State of NY, they would have listed all my charges. Therefore, I believe that this is a unilateral action that the Marshalls took on their own, perhaps they had the mistaken belief that I an still on supervised release, but as they always tell us “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse” so the principle applies in reverse here. I would like to file a 1983 action if I have enough probable cause to do so, please give me your opinion on this, thanks.