Reply To: NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween


charles pettus

Here’s the thing, and I have been trying to get this one point across for nearly five (5) years, and that is that a sex offense (SO) is an “EMOTIONAL” issue! Understand this. I know the experts out there, i.e., university professors, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinicians, very good university professors like my favorite Dr. Jill Levenson, and Dr. Tewksbury, just to name a couple, have written extensively for over 10+ years on this subject and have shown in every paper they have written that SO laws are not only wrong but also stupid.Many legal scholars as well have written extensively on this subject and have shown that these laws are not only wrong but also UNCONSTITUTIONAL as well. In addition, many well respected clinicians/researchers have written extensively on the subject of SO recidivism and have shown that the lie of a high recidivism rate for people who have committed SOs is just that—a LIE. Yet, proponents: 1) don’t read this research findings, 2) read it but don’t believe it, or don’t give a damn about it, and 3) insist on keeping these laws in place and even wanting to add even more restrictive laws onto the books. So again, back to my first point. A SO is an EMOTIONAL issue; therefore, logic and reasoning, facts and figures and statistical evidence means nothing to people who think with their emotions first. Logic and reasoning, facts and figures, statistical evidence are for those people who think first with their head. As proof, try ask any proponent of SO laws this questions like: “Will you please provide the proof (RESEARCH) you have to support your contentions of a high recidivism rate?” “Who are the professionals that you rely on for your information?” “And just where did they and how did they get their information?” I would make 10-1 odds you’ll get a stupid, perplexed look on their face and I also guarantee you get, if any, an answer like, “…Well, it’s just common sense that they will do it again, once a pedophile always a pedophile…” A purely EMOTIONAL response. So that ladies and gentlemen, is in my opinion, one of the main reasons that these laws have not come down. Fortunately though Federal Judges are starting to think like judges and not like EMOTIONAL parents and are starting to overturn these laws. Lastly, don’t misunderstand me. I am in no way FOR sex offenses or people who commit them. I have 5 and 6 year old granddaughters and I will most certainly HUNT anyone who violates either of them. No, what my concern is with is that I see an erosion or the taking away of CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and SO laws are the PRECURSOR to that. If these laws are not attacked and reversed and allowed to stay in place then America will be NORMALIZED into this mind set and then it will be very easy for those people who want to take away our freedom and liberty to do so, maybe not us today but certainly our grandchildren tomorrow. Think about it.