Reply To: Vehicles, not predators, pose greatest threat to little monsters at Halloween

Robin Vander Wall
Robin Vander Wall

To all concerned about the header. It’s important to understand, as Sandi has aptly described, that our press releases (which are sent to several thousand media contacts throughout the nation) have only a split second to catch someone’s attention. The volume of press releases and media dispatches is overwhelming given the relative ease with which any organization, no matter how large or small, can send forth information to media contacts. The headers–and even more particularly–the subject lines, must demand attention or suffer the demise of a split second click of DELETE. And then, it’s over.

We believe it’s important to share our media efforts with our members and readers. But, we must operate within the media environment that exists. And headlines are not appropriate vehicles for tranquil rhetorical devices unfit and ineffective at arousing the interest of media professionals who are floating in a veritable cesspool of propaganda from every imaginable corner of the globe.