Reply To: Vehicles, not predators, pose greatest threat to little monsters at Halloween


Thank you NARSOL for all that you’re doing to combat the Halloween hysteria. I agree with your methods and direct line of argument on the subject. Put the fear where it truly belongs, and challenge people to think about what are the real risks of trick or treating verses the manufactured lies.
As a registrant, I’ve always been told not to do anything Halloween related or risk being “perceived” as a predator out to snatch up innocent children. I value my freedom. So I adhere to these warnings, always have, but here’s the reality. My wife loves Halloween, and every year I stay at home with no porch light on while she takes our little ones out to navigate the streets with our kids in their costumes all excited to return with lots of candy after an evening of fun. If their lives are more at risk by automobile accidents than anything else, how would anyone perceive that makes a protective father feel who can’t be out with his own kids watching over them for their safety?

– concerned parent AND registrant