Reply To: Vehicles, not predators, pose greatest threat to little monsters at Halloween


Ok you guys cool your jets. Oh maestro not again. When I was in school the Beverly hillbillies were still hanging in their. I tend to believe they are still hanging around only with a more sexual slant. Halloween is just another day for those who celebrate it and those who don’t’. Sure I had fun growing up. Things were more innocent than they are today and even if you notice TV today its not like back in the wholesome late 50’s and 60’s. Sure these cop show’s that started showing up play a lot on peoples minds
Cars, sure who would want to get hit on Halloween. As for me I never did like Halloween that much. Sure I was always with the gang but those days are past. Like I told my PO this sex thing is what it is, until it is what it ain’t. Now I know a lot of you guys on here got shafted and a lot like myself got on the internet and screwed up so to speak but remember two wrongs don’t make a right.
Everybody involved in this has to be strong. If anyone has anything to worry about and challenge, discrimination would be the main issue at this time. We don’t even get to pass out candy. Some don’t even get to take their kids out for trick or treat. Leave it up to some member of the family. Its a shame to get wrapped up in all this and not be able to earn a living much less provide for one’s family when government takes your money’s for fine’s and such. You can bet Sandy and Robin, Brenda, and all the other crew will give them the facts. Sandy its what’s in the heart that counts not this data stuff and all this other stuff like recidivism and other law’s they try to harvest on a person.

Now please have a Happy Halloween and take care of your family as best you can and also stand up for your rights. …and maestro my friend, remember one thing one can rape with words I’m sure we all know that. It can cut like a knife..