Reply To: Vehicles, not predators, pose greatest threat to little monsters at Halloween



We live in a society that believes the penis is mightier than the bullet, knife and hardest illegal narcotic you can think of.
I do believe that feminism plays a huge role in how society treats those of us who have done something sexual that’s considered illegal. But imagine for a moment if the legislature decided to NOT make certain sexual things illegal. The registry would be cut damn near in half if not more.
So, in the minds of the majority, any man who put his penis into a POST PUBESCENT teenager (keeping in mind the age of consent varies from state to state) even if consensual, it’s seen as “rape” thanks to terminology such as “statutory rape” which actually means someone under the consenting age consented but is not allowed to.
Terms such as statutory rape should never have existed.
And then the news media from long ago using such terms to today’s crime drama TV shows have corrupted the minds of the masses.
When I was in high school, many of the girls were dating older guys who were 20+. I’m sure those women today are the ones relying on the SOR as their ‘go to’ guide for sexual offenses that are no different from what the men they dated did with them. In a word – Hypocrites.