Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect

Tim L

That mountain of evidence was quite a read. All of this nonsense just so the feds could use computers and databases to monitor the general population. You read me correctly. The Whetterling act was the first scheme in our nation to permit domestic electronic surveillance by the government. That is what was at stake in Alaska v Doe. This is the reason it was at first applied to in the words of J.P. Stevens ” them and only them”.

What would have happened if in 1994 the government had announced their plans to monitor the domestic population via electronic means. I suggest they would have been run out of town. When I attended high school in the 80s Orwell’s 1984 was required reading as was Machiavelli’s Little Prince.

We read stories of FBI taking over websites like Playpen ( see for the purpose of protecting our most vulnerable. In order to catch criminals we must act like them. What a crock! IMHO our police forces have a fetish for hero scenarios. The FAST AND FURIOUS scheme undertaken by ATF is an example where it back fired leading to the death of one of their own. Who’s head roles over that one No one!

The same unaccountability occurred when James Clapper outright lied to Congress concerning NSAs use of the prysm program to surveil and collect information on millions of Americans. Too deep to fail.

In summation, these databases are and always were intended for political security as much a public safety. God save us!