Reply To: Vehicles, not predators, pose greatest threat to little monsters at Halloween



I’m so happy that this news media issue is being addressed. I had to turn off our local news last night as I could not listen one more time to the craziness about the misconceptions of people on the registry. When will it be made clear and when will people understand that the majority of registered citizens are not predators. The whole idea of registered citizens propagates this false information.
I would prefer if the dangers associated with “predators” would not even be compared with traffic issues. The number of dangers associated with these citizens are no greater ,if not less, than dangers associated with traffic, the shootings at schools, concerts, gang violence, drug abuse, dangerous criminals……just to mention a few.
Registered citizens have become the scape goats.
Why do we have to compare ourselves with bad things to prove that we are not bad? Or not as bad as the things with which we are compared.
It would be wonderful to have news media propagating the many good things that citizens on the registry have done. But unfortunately many registered people are hiding in shame and despair and are afraid to hold their heads high and be recognized as good people ,who made a mistake .