Reply To: Oh look! Is that another sex trafficker?


Phys Ed

It is vitally necessary for anyone accused of a sex crime to lawyer up with some sort of credible “dream team”. If you can’t the 500 hundred buck an hour suits like a Dershowitz, a Shenck, or a Bruce Cutler, you are toast in the system and they’ll burn you bad. I’m a veteran of this man’s army, honorably discharged and I still believe in the Pledge of ALlegiance we all had to stand by our school desks at the start of the day and recite from the first grade on. I wouldn’t delete a word of it-but I would ADD four small ones more right after the end line about “liberty and justice for all”….I would add “who can afford it.”
“because if you can’t afford it, you AIN’T gonna git it!”