Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


With the Budget issues, an election year right around the corner, and preparing for the Muniz decision to finalize, they do not have the time nor the will power to enhance Megans Law restrictions. It just good press. When the voters get angry Megans Law was abolished they can say, “I introduced a bill to enhance Megans law, and no one wanted to back me”. It’s called CYA= Cover you ARSE…..
it is the same reason why they didn’t come up with a “legislative fix” during the 90 day stay. They didn’t have the time nor the will power. They know that anything they do now won’t apply to us becuase we will be off. What they don’t realize is with the Muniz decision, they are open to a “cruel and unusual” challenge. And, making Megans Law more restrictive is just going to add fuel to the fire. It is all show for the voters who don’t understand the law.
I can’t wait till Muniz is finalized, so a cruel and unusal (8th amendment) challenge can be made. On August 31,2017 one was approved in Colorado but that was an “as appilied” challenge. Which means it only appilies to those who are involved in the court case not the whole state.
First, the battle was trying to get SORNA recognized as “punishment”. Now, the battle is going to be on 8th amendment grounds. That will kill it once and for all.