Reply To: For a registered sex offender, how much rehabilitation is enough?

Phys Ed

For me, up until my arrest and coerced wrongful conviction, the words “child” and “Porn” always had an oxymoronic correlation. I’m an old man who has spent his life in the arts. Anyone so absorbed also has an inordinate interest in trying to understand the human condition, and especially the bizarre extremes of that condition, is bound sooner or later to accidentally cross the line into illegality. In my case, I was stunned to discover in the manner I did that Journalistic Curiousity could now be considered a heinous crime. After four published novels in the last century, two produced plays, and over 250 written broadcast television documentaries that are still airing both overseas and here on a lot of the Discovery line-up of channels, I found what I thought was a worthwhile subject for a television special on societal witch hunts and wars on sex and sexual expression.
I discovered that the more things have changed since the 17th century, the more they have stayed the same. I also, to my shame, must admit that I had not kept up on changes in the Federal laws or what passes for justice in the courts.
For a refreshing view of sanity on this subject I offer up at the following in cutting edge research science three papers put out by Dr. Melissa Hamilton, one of the giant intellects of our movement at the following addresses: ( Public Safety, Individual Liberty, and Suspect science: Future Dangerousness Assessments and Sex Offender laws; ( The Child Pornography Crusade and its Net Widening Effect; ( Adjudicating Sex Crimes as Mental Disease.
How much rehab is enough? Check these out if you really want to know.