Reply To: Sex offender registration policies increasing danger to public


I know this post is really old but I have just come across it. My boyfriend was convicted of 2nd degree rape charge and indecently liberty with a child. Now this sounds so horrible correct…. Anyone who reads his charges would automatically assume he is scum or a child molester or whatever words they may choose. However. He was charged because a child was coerced into a statement that lead to the charges. But who is going to believe what a supposed rapist is going to say? Now my bf is a father to at the time a one year old daughter, me at the time pregnant. His sentence for pleading not guilty was around 20-25 years…. His sentence for pleading guilty was way lower and he would only miss out of his childrens lives for 6 -8 yrs plus parole, probation and being on the rso for a minimum of 10 years. Now that he is out on parole they are attempting to take away his rights to his daughter. He cant go to any of our sons events such as football games, parent teacher meetings, we cant have any bday parties at any place that is intended for children such as a park or bowling alley. He has become overly depressed, turned to drinking which has only made things worse and harder. He lives in a terrible neighborhood/trailer park filled with drugs. This is what the system has done to him. We cant even legally live together due to the kids. All the years he missed from being incarcerated to come back to a world that does nothing but judge him and ban him from being an active member in his children’s lives. The system has no way of proving he is truly innocent and they have all the regulations against him on the outside. He has so much anger pinned up and honestly is killing him inside and is taking toll on the kids as well. The point as most of the people who have replied and commented themselves is the laws for rso are harsh and cruel. The stereo types that are put on them is horrid. Coming from a woman with kids I understand the fear. There just has to be a better way.