Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

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When the Muniz case returns a mandate from the SCOTUS on its remand to the PASC on retroactive prohibitions against all PA RSO’s in PA – The denial of Freed’s Petition of Writ of Cert. will be a great disappointment to the PA. AG office to issue a mandate to remove all names from the registry that are pre- SORNA . . . .

Update – The PA. Legislatures decided to pause on a legislative fix for this reason:

* Any New Megan’s Law 5 would effect the SORNA Law that was put in place in PA. on 20 December 2012.

* Any New Megan’s Law 5 would cause a retroactive application on Megan’s Law 4 which is SORNA and that would be too over whelming for the PSP to deal with.

* PA. is at the cross roads of having to drop over 10,000 people off its SO’s registry –
It is very likely that the SCOTUS will deny Freed’s Cert. The key sign to look for is when the Solicitor General of the Federal Government refuses to write a recommendation to the SCOTUS about the Muniz case of PA. . . .

He wrote one for Michigan under Snyder and it is no need to say anything more about retroactive application of SORNA on Ex Post Facto points. . . . . . PA. legislators are at a wait and let’s see the end attitude. . . Banking on the odds for Muniz to be accepted by the SCOTUS -WHICH IS UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN. . . . . .