Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect


The use of the term “moral leapers” amused me a bit. Yes I got involved in an internet sex sting operation. I also got deceived a bit, used a potty mouth, was given an opportunity by those who suppose to protect and serve. Sure I asked for no sex and went down there. Since we were meeting in a park and in public I still had thoughts to back out which I did but was persuaded otherwise or pressured if one can say that. I remember the person saying were meeting in the park what could happen. Well if I hadn’t gone down their they were gonna come and get me as the investigator said to me. Now police are suppose to do good but presenting an opportunity such as this is a bit uncanny to say the least.
Now if I hadn’t gone down their I wouldn’t of known what would was really going on.
So here’s a question for all should a minister of God give a diabolic opportunity such as this and play the harlot to snare one up in all this when they are suppose to do good, even after questioning why the person was in an adult chat room..