Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect



I want to respond to your comment as well as this one from the article;
“ We need to focus on prevention and support the critical work being done by sexual assault survivor groups”

What about the ‘survivor’ mentioned in this article that ended up marrying the man she lied to about her age?
What about the many other so called ‘victims/survivors’ that ended up marrying their alleged ‘assailants’? How are these people considered ‘survivors’?
Pardon me but when we keep using terms like ‘survivors’ and ‘victims’ my thoughts are most likely forced to be similar to the thoughts of the public which is: blatant rape victims or small child victims of a molester. I’m not thinking “Oh, a post pubescent teenager sowing his/her wild oats” but that’s EXACTLY what many of these sex offense issues turn out to be.
The registry was created due to a grown man abducting, raping and murdering a 7 year old girl. The stories of student/teacher that we see on the news almost DAILY in this country have NOTHING to do with abduction, rape or murder. And they damn sure aren’t little pre-pubescent children.
If the states want to keep their age of consent limits, fine. But they can make it to where those ‘offenses’ are not worthy of being branded for the rest of your life.

If the people mentioned in this article ended up marrying each other (oh, the poor victim, she’ll never be the same. She’s forever traumatized), then how many other such relationships may have turned into marriage or just a very long term BF/GF relationship had they not been intervened by law enforcement?
Elvis and Priscilla come to mind as one such illegal relationship that wasn’t interrupted.

It’s no great big surprise that there ARE young people who simply attract to older people (I myself did when I was younger), even if it’s only “a few here and there” it’s a few in every generation so therefore, with lying teens, naturally horny teens and the well known fact that many older people find it difficult to turn down certain temptations, the laws regarding POST pubescent teen relationships with older people needs to be eliminated from the registry. I can understand if it will still be illegal to be with someone under a certain age but no need to make that older person out to be a great big scary monster for the fear mongering majority of “Law & Order: SVU” binge watchers.

Also, the mention of “child pornography” insinuates that the “child” is some little toddler or 10 yr old when in fact, the “child” could be 17 and turning 18 tomorrow but the image of nudity of that 17 yr old 24 hours earlier is deemed “child porn”.
Yet in most states the legal age of sexual consent is 16/17 so deeming their naked images “child porn” makes absolutely NO KIND OF SENSE.