Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect

patricia win

In Maryland, two of my sons are on the registry. One was falsely accused many years ago. The girl came from a very dysfunctional family and my mentally ill son was “in love” w/ this child’s older sister who was a prostitute and drug addict. The girl’s grandmother gave the child the “idea” to falsely accuse him because she was jealous of his taking her big sister’s attention away from her. There was no other “evidence” than this girl saying this and it has really ruined my son’s life, who never had anything but a parking violation on his record at age 35. The girl grew up, told the truth to an ex homicide commander from PG County and gave my son’s lawyer the story in a deposition. The Baltimore States attorney refused to come to this and he STILL has this on his record. It’s a horror. He’s become a seclusive, paranoid man who refuses treatment and has withdrawn from family and life.

My other son at age 30ish had sex with a 15 yr. old prostitute who lied to him (and the police) about her age. She looked/acted older but that didn’t matter. When she came to court, she looked her age and the states attorney was out for blood. This son has a 7 yr. old boy who he has full custody of (clearly my son is an idiot about his choices of females but the boys’ mother is an adult…just an extremely immature one). This has affected my son (and I worry all the time about it affecting my grandson) even though he’s doing a very good job as a father.
These laws are so extreme. I hope that people will wake up to the wrongs of a life-time registry and how giving someone a FELONY when there is no physical harm is crazy. The girl told the police she was with my son voluntarily.