Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect


Barb, I live in Ohio and would love to join your fight for our freedom. Maybe we could pull our resources together to hire a good attorney willing to take on these laws. The more people willing to get together in their own state, the more of our voices get to be heard. Doing this as a group with everyone contributing to the ” lawyer fund” makes the cost of attorney fees a lot less than 1 person trying to foot the bill. How many times have we all said ” if I only had the money to hire a good attorney”. Unless your wealthy this is a common saying. By bringing the resources together by many people makes more sense and more likely to get a move on this long over due action. So Barb, count me in and I hope many more Ohioans are willing to step up to the plate for your own freedom. Someone has to get this started and Barb made the first move. Let’s quit talking and wishing our lives were different lets come together to make it happen. The more people standing together the better chance we have at getting something done. Can
someone at NARSOL help us get connected so we can talk please?