Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect


Jane Smith

Where do I begin? Where a slew of police cane rushing in my front door with assault rifles and a warrant to search my house a couple of years ago?
My son was forced to take the prosecutors offer, there isn’t any fighting a CP charge ( having pics of someone apparently under 18 on his computer) I was horrified to see how the stigma alters their lives almost to an unbearable point. The person I work for had a son that was charged with a similar offense, the young man ultimately could not take being rejected from 35 plus jobs and living in his mothers basement so he took his life. That made me do all I could to set my son up for success after prison. I bought a secluded house away from neighbors, I’m keeping his car payment current so he will keep his credit up while he’s away plus he will have a car. I’m doing anything I can within my means to see that he has a life. The registry has to go it does much more harm than good – it’s like the Salem witch hunt only modern day.