Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect


NH Registrant

I live with an elderly parent and am on SSI. I only get $700 a month to live on. I couldn’t afford to live anywhere else. And, thanks to the registry, once my elderly parent passes (hopefully not for a long time), I’ll be a disabled homeless person! I won’t last long living on the street with my health conditions. So, the Registry is a death sentence for me. I can’t get into a shelter if I become homeless. I can’t get into low income housing. And NO roommates will want a person on the Registry living with them. I couldn’t even begin to be able to afford an apartment with only $700 a month and expect to be able to feed myself on the $19 a month that the state of NH gives me in food stamps.

So, once my elderly parent passes, I’m doomed – literally.