Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect


Barb Wright

This is an amazing article, thank you, Miriam. I am at once impressed with the energy and momentum in Michigan and discouraged that we, in Ohio, have not capitalized on it. Although our laws are not identical to Michigan’s, we can use Does v. Snyder to attack the registry laws in Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky.

We can, and should, discuss whether there is a sympathetic plaintiff to bring a similar action in those states. And in Ohio, we should springboard on Does to advocate for the Ohio Criminal Justice Recodification Committee recommendations. Among other things, the recod recommendations would abolish residency restrictions, which were central to the decision in Does.

Our laws are not as broad as Michigan’s, and we “only” have 19,000 registered offenders; but if we don’t fight for our rights, the legislature will make laws more restrictive, like Michigan’s. Like the pending legislation to create a violent offender registry.

Who will join me in this fight?

Barb Wright