Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect

Larry Evans

yes, I think things will change because the Federal Courts are starting to require these states to produce thr evidance
that there programs are doing what they say making communities safe and they are failing because the numbers keep
climbing not from repeat offenders, but because these Laws they pass try to make as many as they can fall under sex crimes and that’s one of the area’s we have to work on they don’t want to give up the “MONEY TRAIN” all these prison
and Detention Centers they build those are to make a profit from the so called justice system. when i was in counciling
the Councilor told us after someone ask after we are out of treatment what your suggestions are. she stated we should go to our homes close all the curtins and turn the lights off.don’t draw attention to ourselves, I told her they picked the wrong person i’m going to Live my life as I had planned they were not going to Deny me this Life God provided it not them. but I thank all those who have rational thought and have and are Fighting on our behalf, they too are rediculed just for willing to be associated with this Group THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.