Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect

A mom

The system is so broken. My son was incarcerated in Florida for 8 years. He now faces 15 years of probation. When he recently was released, we assumed he would be allowed to move to Massachusetts so that he would have a place to live, and support. He was not allowed to because I live within 1000ft of a school. You can not see the school, nor would you ever need to drive by it. There are no children in the houses surrounding me. I was lucky enough to find him a home in Orlando, FL, were he lives with 3 other sex offenders. The home was approved. It is smack in the middle of houses which all have children, in a low income family. This makes absolutely no sense to me. He is still unable to speak with his young son or his nephew. The registry is a violation of sex offenders civil rights not only in Michigan but in every state. Yes, my son committed at crime, but he deserves a chance, just like all other people who have committed a crime. He also has the right to freedom of speech and should be allowed to speak with his son.