Reply To: Oh look! Is that another sex trafficker?


“ I found out later that all prosecutors in South Carolina are mandated to maintain a 95% conviction rate or they could lose their jobs.”

I’m sure it’s like that in all states. And yet no one sees a problem with this? No one sees this as a sort of ‘bribery’ or ‘lottery/gambling’ within the system?
The idea of law enforcement and courts is to punish those who truly need to be punished, not to gamble with people’s lives for the sake of a job.

Much like the ‘gambling’ (the only term I can think to use at 2:40am) within the police departments where they have to give out a certain amount of traffic tickets each month in order to get a bonus in their pay.
Traffic tickets should be given out when absolutely necessary. Not just given because a cop has a hair across his ass on a particular day and wants to harass someone over a blown out tail light.

These types of bribery within the system is what causes the corruption we all see and experience from the system. Why doesn’t anyone protest and rant and rave about this shit? No. Because protesting over what restrooms someone should be allowed to use is such a greater cause for our tax dollars. Unreal