Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


Colonel Tyree C. Blocke, the commissioner of PSP, was asked about How he felt about Muniz. He said that PSP is a law Enforcement Agency and that is what they will do. If SCOTUS tells them this is the law, then that is what they will enforce., We all have to realize if PSP tried to removed people today from the registry, they would be breaking the law. As much as we would like then to just snap their fingers and it be so, it doesn’t work that way. They planned for over a year before AWA went into effect. Think about it, almost 5,000 case files they have to find, alter, and inform on. We all know the day after SCOTUS is done with this case, and the current ruling stands, each and everyone of the 5,0000 RSO will be calling and breathing down their backs. Myself included.
This is how I feel. By saying “oh I am going to get a lawyer and fight this” or “I am going to file this or that” you are disrespecting our legal system and confusing others. Let the system work as intended. Then, each and every workday, give PSP hell about getting g you off.
Be honest with yourself. Is being on another 12 months really going to kill you??? Hurt like hell? SURE. But is it going to kill you?? No, the odds are it won’t. Yes, there are those that seek out people on the registryvti hurt or Maine them, but Rhodes cases are few and far between.
I have stated in another post, I have at least 18 months from today before being off the registry would really impact my life. Each and every day I deal with people that HATE me and wish I was dead simply because I am on a list. Half don’t even know what I was charged with. All they know is I am on the list. You want to know what really pisses them off. When you don’t let their actions bother you. I had an ex co worker that thought she was God’s Angel spreading the GOOD NEWS when she told everyone, and yes I mean everyone, that I was a sex offender. My boss said, “Yes I know. That was litterly the second thing he told me. The first was his name.” It BURNED her that my boss didn’t care. And I worked with her before I was arrested. People like that you have to just let them be them. I have a list of about 5 or 6 friends that I made because they respect the way I handle being on the registry. It affects me but I don’t let it end my life.