Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


@ Chuck
Yea that’s a good way off looking at it. I thought about it and I just want off the registry, after all is said and done if we get a couple bucks then that’s money in our pockets. So hope sooner then later as my patience is wearing but it is also my bet best virtue. If I were to pursue anyone for retribution it would be the people who pushed to pass these laws and the one she who want to keep stacking them on just to get votes, not the people who are, not standing up for the psp or anything but the ones just doing there job, do I think it’s right? No not at all it’s not at all right in any way, people don’t deserve to live like this unless they keep doing it over and over and just have no intentions to stop. But that’s what society wants us to be and I would say we’re not that. Those people are like Sandusky, people like that, not me and hope not anyone I talk to on here.