Reply To: Oh look! Is that another sex trafficker?


I totally agree with your comment about making people take plea deals with threats of long incarcerations. My friend had the same thing done to him. People would say to me, why would he plead guilty if he wasn’t? Yeah, you get yourself involved in the Justice System in this country and you will plead it out, as well. The DA holds all the cards and he is only interested in a win notch his belt. We had a lying teenager that the DA refused to even interview. I think the kid would have caved had he been forced to tell his lies to a DA, and his parents were scared to death that the kid would have perjury charges brought against him. so they stayed silent. After sentencing, the entire family quit their jobs and moved to another state. What does that say? They knew the kid was lying, but they would rather see someone innocent go to jail than call their kid out as a liar, with possible repercussions. I think the law needs to be changed that if a minor changes their story, they will not be punished legally.